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Summer Fancy Food Show 2017

Join the Danish Pavilion af Summer Fancy Food Show in New York June 25-27 2017.

Danish Companies are invited to participateat the Summer Fancy Food Show, New York, June 25-27 2017.

One point of entry
Danish Agriculture & Food Council will be handling all practical aspects of your participation and the set-up of the Danish pavilion including your company stand in close coordination with you - last minute arrival made possible.

The Summer Fancy Food Show 2016 was the largest ever since the show’s 1954 inception. More than 47,000 specialty food professionals filled the exhibit halls to see over 2,670 exhibitors from over 55 countries.

Access to a significant consumer market
The SFF show attracts the food retail industry - foods sold at food retailers such as grocery stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores, convenience stores - and foodservice facilities.

The American retail landscape is characterized by leading food retailers such as Walmart, Kroger and Costco. Walmart (excluding Walmart International and Sam's Club) generated net sales amounting to 288.05 billion U.S. dollars in 2015 and operated 4,516 stores nationwide.

Shoppers in the United States made over 1.6 trips to grocery stores on average per week in 2014.
In regard to the grocery store selection, customers prefer locations which are convenient, offer low prices and provide good sales and product promotions.

Ambition and Program
The ambition is for the Danish food manufacturers to establish concrete market contacts and clarify the specific US opportunities. By participating at SFF 2017 you get a unique opportunity to test the US competition and gain concrete product feedback and market insight.

Download Invitation

Susanne Zwergius Teilmann