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Danish Agriculture & Food Council – a new strong organisation

Danish farmers have a long tradition of joining associations and organisations designed to handle their professional and political interests. Now a number of these organisations have joined forces:


  • Danish Agriculture
  • Danish Bacon and Meat Council
  • Danish Agricultural Council
  • Danish Pig Production
  • Danish Dairy Board


On 3 June 2009 these organisations formally merged into one special-interest organisation representing the Danish farming and food industry.


The merger has two main objectives:


  • To exert influence on political decisions by professional means to the benefit of farmers and the food industry
  • To secure better services for our members by increasing efficiency and reducing costs


The struggle for political influence both in Denmark and in the EU has increased significantly over the past years. Other sectors have joined forces and become strong united organisations and NGOs working within environmental and animal welfare areas have gained more influence. This trend underlines the need to work together in one strong organisation representing Danish farmers and the food industry.


The establishment of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council will reduce overall costs. In addition, being an organisation that solely pursues the interests of farmers and the food industry, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council can be strongly focused on political activities, thus securing long-term influence.


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council will expand its relations to employees, management and key staff in our member companies. We will also, to a larger extent than previously, support the strategies of the companies. In this way we can better handle the tasks according to the needs of the companies.



The establishment of the Danish Agriculture & Food Council will result in a strengthening of the farm-to-fork approach. The fact that the Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the whole food chain will create the basis for optimal political influence.

Local farmers’ associations will still play a key role in handling the professional interests of individual farmers.


Executive Board


Carl Aage Dahl
Managing Director
MSc (Agriculture)



Claus Søgaard-Richter
Deputy Managing Director
MSc (Public Administration)


Michael Stevns
Deputy Managing Director
MSc (Dairy Technology)


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents Denmark’s largest business and innovation cluster employing some 150,000 people and exporting agricultural products, food and equipment to the value of about 15 billion Euros a year.


Two Boards – one organisation


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council is governed by two boards: a Primary Sector Board handling the interests of primary producers and a Company Board handling the interest of companies.


The two boards will be closely connected through a Common Board responsible for regulations, budgets, financial accounts and overall strategies.


The Company Board will have three representatives on the Primary Sector Board and vice versa. A common Chairmanship has been established, comprising three members from the Primary Sector Board and three members from the Company Board.


The Chairmanship coordinates policies and activities in the organisation and ensures cohesion and balance.