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Mexico Shoppingline - delegation 2

Meet selected Mexican buyers in the meat industry - the Sonora and Monterrey region. Please note that the dates for the second delegation are 23-26 April 2019.

EKF, DI, L&F and the Danish Embassy in Mexico see great potentials in Mexico, which were confirmed when the Official delegation visiting Mexico City and Guadalajara April 2018.


August 2018 EKF visited again preparing and establishing Shopping Lines to selected Mexican companies together with local international banks in Sonora and Monterrey.


Delegation 1: January 28 - February 1 2019 (max 8-9 companies)

Delegation 2: April 23 - April 26 2019 (max 8-9 companies)



Special focus on the pork industry, but the Mexican companies that we are engaging with are conglomerates with activities in all meats both pork, poultry and cattle.


Companies engaged in:

  • Pork, poultry, cattle production
  • Livestock, breeding and genetics
  • Agro-industry, feed mills, storage, barn equipment,
  • Food Processing technology like abattoirs, packaging
  • Specialized food technology for quality control, ingredients

Denmark has a strategic partnership with Mexico and therefore a close cooperation within Food & Agriculture.



The Mexican companies invest heavily in solutions and new technology. Participation will give you targeted B2B meetings with 5-6 selected Mexican buyers already screened by EKF, the local international banks and the Danish Embassy.


You will get:

  • A profile in the export catalogue that will be presented to multiple Mexican companies.

  • Matched interest with the Mexican customers.

  • B2B meetings with key decision makers from the Mexican companies that we visit.

Please see the invitation here.

Susanne Zwergius Teilmann