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Photo: Colourbox, Aleksandar Mijatovic (Foto: Aleksandar Mijatovic)

Colombia Shopping Line 2 - Virtual Delegation

Danish Agriculture & Food Council, the Confederation of Danish Industry, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish Embassy in Colombia invite you to join the Shopping Line Delegation 2 with the special COVID-19 subsidy from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By joining a virtual Shopping Line delegation you are given the opportunity to showcase your products and services in B2B meetings with pre-selected high-profile companies within the Colombian pork production industry – you are present through a screen, but all preparation has been done EXACTLY as if we were there in person. Actually a virtual business delegation requires even more preparation as you cannot “fix” it on the spot.
The delegation focuses on the pork production chain and we are approaching Agropecuaria Aliar; Nutresa; Colanta; Antioqueña de Porcinos; Cerdos del Valle; Goloso and we will have a seminar with Pork Colombia and 10-12 pork companies.
Companies within:
- Pork / Livestock, breeding and genetics
- Agro-industry, feed, stables, ventilation
- Food processing technology & bio security
- Cooling, storage, quality control & ingredients
Mon 10th Aug – deadline exporters catalogue
Tue 8th Sept – response from Colombian buyers
Thu 10th Sept – pre-meeting Danish companies
Fri 11th Sept – final sign up Danish companies
Wed 16th Sept – individuelle programmes
Mon 5th Oct - 9th Oct – Virtuel Shopping Line
At the pre-meeting you will meet the organizing team, the other participants and we will go through the programme and discuss the practicalities of joining a virtual business delegation.
Please see:
Exporters catalogue template - deadline Monday 10th August 2020.
- PLEASE provide a photograph of yourself if possible. As we are on-line and not present in person, at photograph is the next best thing.
Invitation to join the Colombian Shopping Line 2 virtual delegation October 5th – 9th 2020.  
Shopping Line organizing team,
Emil Stub (DI), Lars Smed Jensen (EKF), Jane Weyers (TC Colombia) and Susanne Z Teilmann (L&F)

Susanne Zwergius Teilmann