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Photo: Danish Agriculture & Food Council, Susanne Z. Teilmann

Colombia Shopping Line 2020

Showcase products in B2B meetings with pre-selected high-profile companies within the Colombian pork production industry.Business delegation to Colombia 7-11 September. Registration no later than Tuesday 30 June 2020.

Danish Agriculture & Food Council, the Confederation of Danish Industry, EKF Denmark’s Export Credit Agency and the Danish Embassy in Colombia invite you to join a Shopping Line Delegation to Medellín and Cali matching you with selected Colombian buyers. 

The Shopping Line concept is a tool combining finance and high-level B2B meetings. The concept is made to assist Danish exporters connect and build relations to the right people within the most important companies in the chosen market. By joining a Shopping Line delegation, you are given the opportunity to showcase your products and services in B2B meetings with pre-selected high-profile companies within the Colombian pork production industry!

The delegation focuses on the pork production chain and we propose visiting Agropecuaria Aliar; Nutresa; Colanta; Antioqueña de Porcinos; Cerdos del Valle; Goloso and have a networking event with Porkcolombia and 10-12 pork companies.

Please see the invitation here.

Companies within:
- Pork / Livestock, breeding and genetics
- Agro-industry, feed, stables, ventilation
- Food processing technology & bio security
- Cooling, storage, quality control & ingredients

Pre-meeting June 2020
There will be a pre-meeting in June (more information to come) where you can participate in person or by video link. Here you will meet the organizing team, the other participants and we will go through the programme and discuss the practicalities of joining the delegation.

REGISTER for Exporters Catalogue no later than Friday 8 May 2020
REGISTER for joining the delegation no later than Tuesday 30 June 2020

Susanne Zwergius Teilmann