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Danish Agro and Food Business promotion to Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, Almaty, 15-18 November 2021

Having one of the largest agricultural lands in the world and a significant number of the population engaged in agriculture, Kazakhstan intends in the near future not only to fully ensure its own food security, but also to export its products to many countries of the region.

To achieve its goals, the country has no other way but to develop its livestock and food processing industry leaving Danish exporters of agroindustry, genetics, food processing equipment and ingredients with excellent business opportunities. 

The Danish Embassy in Moscow and Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) hereby invite you to participate in an export promotion trip to Kazakhstan with focus on agro-industry, genetics, food processing and ingredients. 

The purpose of the delegation is to maximise your business opportunities and sales in a fast-growing agriculture-based country in the centre of Eurasia.

Companies engaged in:

  • Agroindustry incl. genetics
  • Food processing technology
  • Food tech and ingredients


  • Full business program including visits to production sites of the most promising local companies including meeting with their management
  • Meetings with key political decision makers
  • Market knowledge and expanded networks


  • Visits to attractive producers including meeting with management. The visits will be divided into sector specific tracks maximizing relevance for each participant 
  • Meetings with key political decision makers

Kazakhstan is traditionally known as one of the world's largest grain supplying states with a large area of agricultural land and significant potential for development. 

In recent years, the government has actively supported the development of the sector, and the amount of subsidies both for livestock and crop production increases every year.

The location of Kazakhstan opens up great opportunities for the export of agricultural products to the countries of Central Asia and Middle East, which is an important factor for the development of production in the country.

Despite the positive dynamics of growth in recent years, agriculture still remains among the low-productivity sectors and needs new technologies. This opens up huge potential for cooperation with Danish companies in the agricultural sector.

Nur-Sultan and the Akmola region, being the capital, is also one of the most developed regions of the country in terms of agriculture. It is important for the development of agribusiness to have access to all public actors, which play a significant role in all spheres in Kazakhstan, and the capital region provides such an opportunity.

At a glance, Nur-Sultan is now:

  • the largest grain producer in the country
  • the 2nd largest region by acreage of forage crops
  • 3rd largest population of pigs 
  • the 2nd largest region by poultry population
  • 2nd largest egg producer
  • direct access to decision makers

Almaty is traditionally one of the most developed regions of Kazakhstan, especially in terms of agriculture.

At a glance, Almaty region is: 

  • the most developed region in terms of gross output of agricultural products (services)
  • 2nd region in the country by the number of agricultural enterprises
  • the largest egg producer in the country
  • 2nd largest cattle population keeper 
  • 3rd largest milk producer 
  • 3rd largest vegetable producer
  • the largest producer of feed for farm animals

Recently, China opened up for the supply of pork from Kazakhstan and this pushes the agrarians of Kazakhstan to develop also pork production. The regions bordering China, in particular, the traditionally well-developed Almaty region, received a particularly significant boost.


Day 1: Monday, 15 November
Arrival in Nur-Sultan
Meeting with the main commercial and political decision makers. Visiting production sites incl. meetings with management. 

Day 2: Tuesday 16 November
Visiting production sites incl. meetings with management.  Business reception.

Day 3: Wednesday 17 November
Arrival in Almaty
Meeting with main commercial and political decision makers.

Day 4: Thursday 18 November
Visiting production sites incl. meetings with management. Departure (optional).

COVID-19 INFO – We have scheduled the delegation to November 2021 to give the greatest chance that the delegation can take place when travel is likely to be possible. The delegation will take place in accordance with applicable safety guidelines.

The total price for participation in the export promotion is 5,600 DKK (subject to the participation of 10 comps.) excl. flights, hotels, catering and VAT per company. The price is for up to 2 representatives and 3 guests at the reception. You can also register a third representative for the price of DKK 800. The prices are based on a 75% subsidy, already granted from the Trade Council of Denmark and deducted in the price.

Information about accommodation and local transport will be forwarded at a later stage. 

Please follow this link for your binding registration no later than 11 October 2021.

You are always welcome to contact us for further information

Danish Agriculture & Food Council 
Michael Stahlschmidt, Market Manager, +45 3339 4236

Royal Danish Embassy, Moscow
Jan Bay-Smidt, Minister Counselor, +7 926 641 6348


Please also see our other activities in the Danish Agriculture & Food Council.

Michael Stahlschmidt