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Join the virtual Danish business delegation and meet Brazil’s leading poultry producers, 4-6 May

The delegation programme offers a unique opportunity to companies along the poultry value chain for tapping into the vast business possibilities of the Brazilian market.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the Trade Council in São Paulo are organising a virtual business delegation focussing on Brazil’s poultry sector. The delegation programme will allow Danish companies providing solutions and products within the poultry value chain to become exposed to and meet online with 3 of the largest and most important Brazilian poultry producing companies. 

The delegation is open to companies which supply products and solutions that can help to handle food safety, biosecurity (e.g. salmonella), and sustainability/efficiency matters along the poultry value chain, such as companies within:

  • farming technology
  • processing technology
  • feed
  • genetics
  • hygiene
  • management, etc.

Companies which are either looking into new business development opportunities or are already present or want to expand in Brazil within the poultry segment will benefit from participating in the delegation.

Present your own products and solutions to Brazilian poultry producers

Explore the sales and investment opportunities in Brazil and gain marketing and sales visibility

Obtain exposure through a focused exporters’ catalogue targeted at the Brazilian producers

The programme structure is split in two parts on each of the 3 days, namely, a general webinar with pitching opportunities, and then a targeted B2B meeting afterwards (given selection by the Brazilian companies), see more in the invite. The price for participating in the delegation’s webinar part (including company pitches) as well as being part of the exporters’ catalogue is DKK 1500 for all 3 meetings, excl. VAT for one company representative. 

The price for participating in the succeeding online B2B meetings on the same dates (or alternatively on later dates, if needed) is DKK 500 per meeting, excl. VAT for one company representative (given selection).

Register for participation here by 27 April 2021 at the latest

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Peter Michael Heller of the DAFC (, tel. no. +45 3339 4335) or Mr. Alexandre Hornemann of Trade Council São Paulo (, tel. no. +55 11 99449 9254).

Please also see our other activities at the DAFC. 

Peter Michael Heller