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Business delegation to Brazil, with focus on sustainable poultry production, 6-11 November 2022

The delegation programme offers direct meetings with a selection of the largest Brazilian poultry producers, as well as in-depth information and knowledge sharing on central aspects of sustainable poultry production in a Brazilian business setting.

This will provide unique opportunities for companies with relevant solutions along the poultry value chain.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the Trade Council in São Paulo invite your company to join this business delegation focused on the Brazilian poultry industry, to follow up on our virtual poultry delegation to Brazil in May last year. With this business activity, you will have the opportunity to meet personally with decision makers from main poultry producing companies in Brazil. Sustainability related sub-topics such as food safety, biosecurity (e.g. salmonella), automation, and labour health/safety in the production will be central parts of the agenda, and selling points for you as a Danish solution provider. 

You get to:

  • Visit a targeted and relevant audience of key Brazilian poultry producers at their company locations and learn about their demands and key challenges through tailor-made site visits
  • Hold direct B2B meetings and present your own products and solutions to the executive level (represented by production, processing, environment and sustainability managers)
  • Explore broader sales and investment opportunities in Brazil and gain marketing and sales visibility
  • Obtain exposure through a focused exporters' catalogue targeted at the Brazilian producers

This business delegation is relevant for companies which supply products and solutions that can help to handle issues such as food safety, biosecurity (e.g., salmonella), automation, and labour health/safety along the poultry value chain, such as companies within:

  • Farming technology
  • Processing technology
  • Feed
  • Genetics
  • Hygiene
  • Management, etc.

Companies which are either looking into new business development opportunities or are already present or want to expand in Brazil within the poultry segment will benefit from participating in the delegation.

 If you are interested in positioning your company among the main poultry producers and exporters in Brazil, this is a relevant business delegation for you.

Brazil has a huge potential for agricultural production and already today positions itself as the largest net food exporter in the world, being one of the main global players in the agriculture and livestock sector. Currently, the sector contributes to more than 20% of Brazil’s GDP and is responsible for 10% of global trade within agriculture. 

Specifically, Brazil is the world’s second largest poultry producer and the largest exporter with a total value of approx. US$ 7.1bn to over 190 countries across the globe. However, a number of production related challenges, e.g., salmonella contamination, has led to a stronger focus on food safety, biosecurity and sustainability. This provides a great potential for Danish companies within the poultry production value chain.

In order to arrange the B2B meetings at the most relevant level, you will also be offered the opportunity of obtaining further exposure by filling in a company profile. The exporters’ catalogue will work as your selling platform prior to the visit, and the Brazilian companies will use it to qualify the discussion during the meetings the Danish companies. In case you do not already have a company profile from previous delegation participation (or you need to update your current profile), TC São Paulo will provide you with a template, which is to be returned to no later than 23 September 2022.

Tentative programme (all elements to be finally confirmed):

Sunday 6 November 2022: 

  • Lunch Reception (included in price) at Iguaçu Waterfalls, Paraná
  • Official Opening Dinner (included in price) in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná
  • Hotel in Foz do Iguaçu, Paraná

Monday 7 November 2022: 

  • Delegation visit to LAR in Matelândia, Paraná, including B2B agenda and site visits
  • Hotel in Toledo, Paraná (until Thursday morning)

Tuesday 8 November 2022: 

  • Delegation visit to CVale in Palotina, Paraná, including B2B agenda at CVale University and site visits

Wednesday 9 November 2022: 

  • Delegation visit to BRF in Toledo, Paraná, including B2B agenda and site visits

Thursday 10 November 2022: 

  • Delegation visit to Copacol in Cafelândia, Paraná, including B2B agenda
  • Domestic flight Cascavel, Paraná – Campinas, São Paulo
  • Hotel in Campinas, São Paulo

Friday 11 November 2022: 

  • Departure from Guarulhos International Airport, São Paulo

Background information about certain of the targeted local producers include the following facts: 

  • CVale: An agribusiness cooperative executed by 156 units, and mainly focused on the production, reception, industrialization and commercialization of several products such as soy, corn, wheat, cassava, milk, poultry and pork. It produces pet food and modified starch from cassava and run a poultry slaughterhouse with the capacity of 600 thousand chickens per day. A new poultry slaughterhouse was implemented in 2020 with a capacity of 200 thousand chickens per day. In 2020 the total income was 37.47% larger than the previous year, totalising BRL 12.3 billion. CVale intends to buy new machines and equipment to increase production, productivity, automation and quality of the industrialization of poultry products.

  • BRF S.A.: One of the largest producers of fresh and frozen protein foods in the world, with a portfolio of over five thousand stock keeping units. Its processed products include marinated and frozen chicken, rooster, turkey meat, specialty meats, frozen processed foods, frozen prepared entrees, portioned products and sliced products and animal feed. Considered the largest producer of animal protein and largest exporter of poultry, the company has a portfolio of more than 800 products. BRF ended 2020 with a net income of R$1.4 billion. 

  • Copacol: A cooperative of 11 units in the state of Paraná covering production of poultry, dairy cattle, pork and fish farming. The products are exported globally, and Copacol is present in more than 60 countries with high quality products guaranteed by international certifications. The main focus is on the poultry production which represents 63.41% of all sales. 247.3 thousand tons of chicken are exported to foreign markets such as Mexico, Japan and China. During 2020, the income increased 27% and reached BRL 5.6 billion.

Participation in the delegation programme is DKK 6.900 (excluding VAT) for one Danish company representative. This includes a 75% subsidy by The Trade Council, as this event is subject to the support schemes of the council. An extra company representative will cost DKK 4.000 excl. VAT.

Note: The price is based on 8 participating companies (of which 3 are SME’s), an expected 75% subsidy from the Trade Council of Denmark and fulfilment of the associated de minimis rules. Invoice will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address. We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own cost, including visa, connecting flights, taxi/bus, dine & drink, hotel, insurance and VAT. Upon registration, you will receive more details regarding hotel suggestions. 

Re. Covid-19: If the situation requires, we might be forced to cancel the delegation. Until 6 October 2022, you will receive a full refund if we are forced to cancel the business trip. After this date, we cannot guarantee refunds.

The deadline for registration is Friday 23 September 2022, using this link and filling in all fields required.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Peter Michael Heller of the DAFC (, tel. no. +45 2180 0731) or Mr. Alexander Hornemann of the Trade Council of São Paulo (, tel. no. +55 11 99449 9254).





Peter Michael Heller