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Czech Republic and Slovakia, Livestock production, 3-7 October 2022

Export delegation with b2b meetings and farm visits

The Danish Embassy in Prague and Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) hereby invite you to a 3-5 days, two market joint export promotion of Danish agricultural technologies and solutions for farms with animal production. You can choose to participate in one or both countries.

Get Market insight and meet new potential clients
The aim of the visit is to introduce your company to new business in the local market, provide you with market insight on agriculture opportunities and funding.
We will visit large and medium-sized Czech and Slovak farms, where roundtable/ b2b style events will be held. We will hear about the production, and you can pitch your solutions. 

The Czech Republic and Slovakia have strong historical ties, very similar business culture and although they speak different languages, they understand each other. Travel between the two neighbouring countries is easy and will be arranged by hired bus.

Registration no later than 11 August 2022.

The tour will cover the countries’ primary agricultural producing regions.

The regions are characterised by large farms covering a significant amount of land and farms producing a variety of livestock and crops as part of a single holding.

The Czech Republic is continually looking to enhance the efficiency of its agricultural sectors and production capacity. There is a great interest in the latest technologies and farming techniques. In Slovakia, agriculture is one of the traditional sectors and Danish farming and technology is well known. There is a significant number of Danish farms in the country. However, the sector in general is still lacking new technology, smart farming solutions to raise the effectiveness of production and increase self-sufficiency in food production. 

The delegation will visit producers of cows (dairy) and pigs many of whom also have significant crop production. 

Agricultural subsidies vary in each market, but both the Czech Republic and Slovakia receive funding from the EU to green and digitalise their production from RRF and Rural development funds that are available continuously.


  • Full business program including visits to production sites including meeting with their management and operation
  • Market knowledge and expanded networks Networking opportunities and sampling of the local culture


Monday 3 October
Arrival in Prague, welcome meeting at the Embassy with a guest from the Czech Ministry of Agriculture and/or Agricultural Association of the Czech Republic, focus on the local challenges and plans and an opportunity to pitch your solutions.

Tuesday 4 October 
Morning: Dairy Farm visits in Bohemia - 500 milking cows. Crop production

Afternoon: Seminar/ roundtable and networking with companies from Bohemia region: pig producers and dairy producers

Wednesday 5 October
Morning: Visit to farm in Moravia. Producer of pigs (3600 sows) and cattle (1200), crop production. Seminar/ roundtable and networking with pig and dairy producers from Moravia region.

Afternoon: Transfer by bus to Slovakia

Thursday 6 October 
Morning: Welcome meeting at Slovak Ministry of Agriculture and Slovak biogas association, focus on on financial support for agriculture companies, for technology and biogas 

Afternoon: Local Farm visit followed by seminar/ roundtable and networking with producers from Slovakia 

Friday 7 October
Morning: Visit to a Danish farm in Slovakia 

Afternoon: Return for Denmark

Companies within production, services, solutions for:

  • Genetics 
  • Equipment for soil preparation and handling 
  • Equipment for feed handling, transportation and storage
  • Stable equipment, housing, ventilation, feeding
  • Milking equipment, testing, cooling 
  • Ventilation, clean air
  • Agro intelligence 
  • Water solutions 
  • Manure handling and storage 
  • Biogas solutions

You can choose to participate in one or both destinations.
The price for participation in one destination is DKK 9.800, whereas both destinations cost DKK 17.600 excl. flights, hotels, and VAT per company for up to 1 participant after deduction of 50% subsidy from Trade Council and 7 companies participating.
Price for extra participant in one destination is DKK 850.

NOTE: On the registration form you can if relevant add the contact information of the local participating person/company. Invoice will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address.
We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria’s change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own expense including visa, flights, dine & drink and hotel.

Please follow this link to register at the latest 11 August 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizers:

Danish Agriculture & Food Council
Michael Stahlschmidt, Market Manager
Mobile: +45 2124 1711

Danish Embassy in Prague
Svatava Májková, Sector Expert Food & Agriculture
Direct (420) 257 111 900 / Mobil (420) 720 051 398


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Michael Stahlschmidt