Danish Agriculture & Food Council (Foto: Niels Hougaard)

Export Delegation to California for the dairy value chain - postponed until 24-29 April 2022

Take part in the joint export promotion of Danish dairy production technologies including visits at dairy farms and in a high-level seminar with stakeholders from the California dairy community.

Postponed until 24-29 April 2022


NOTE: COVID-19: If the situation requires, we will cancel the delegation. Until 24 September 2021 you will not be billed if we are forced to cancel. After this date we cannot guarantee refunds.

The Trade Council’s agriculture team in North America is organizing this joint export promotion together with Danish Agriculture & Food Council. The Trade Council in Denmark is supporting the event financially.

California’s dairy sector is the largest in the USA and a national pioneer when it comes to the regulation of the sector’s impact on climate and environment. As dairy operators face a challenging timeframe to reduce methane emissions, fast approaching water regulations, and rising labor and energy costs, the sector is currently undergoing a significant transition towards farming practices that are both more efficient and sustainable. 

Companies within production, services, solutions for:

  • Genetics
  • Feed
  • Equipment for feed handling 
  • Milking equipment, testing, cooling 
  • Stable equipment 
  • Ventilation 
  • Agro intelligence 
  • Water solutions 
  • Manure handling and storage 
  • Equipment for soil preparation and handling 
  • Biogas

Please see the invitation for more information and registration info, no later than 1 September 2021 or REGISTER HERE.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Stahlschmidt, mis@lf.dk, 2124 1711.

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Michael Stahlschmidt