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Export delegation to Romania, poultry value chain, 10-13 October 2022, Bucharest, Focsani, Buzau


The Trade Council of the Danish Embassy in Romania, together with Danish Agriculture & Food Council, has the honour to invite you to participate in our networking delegation, promoting Danish poultry technology and expertise to the Romanian poultry producers.

The event will include visits at poultry companies (eggs and breeding farms), processing facilities and B2B meetings with customers as well as Romanian authorities involved in animal breeding.

This is a unique opportunity for you to meet the most important poultry production companies in Romania that currently cover 85% of the market.

Your input to the program is valuable to us: you can pinpoint companies to invite and visit.

Romania is breeding yearly over 300m heads of poultry yearly. 

Poultry meat accounts for 38% of the total meat demands, second after pork meat, with 48%. Nevertheless, the “gap” is getting smaller every year, mainly due to impact caused by the African Swine Fewer since 2018.

Poultry consumption has increased in Romania in the past few years at a higher level than in the EU, reaching 28 kg per capita, at a higher level than in the EU, with the chicken business covering 97-98% of the industry. There are over 540,000 tons of poultry consumed on a yearly basis.

These increasing numbers also require the industry stakeholders to adapt promptly with new knowledge and technology, especially since over 85% of the production is done in commercial farms (the rest is backyard production).

Romania has drastically improved its ways of doing agriculture in the past 30 years. 

Moreover, in order to align with the European Commission’s CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) goals, Romanian farmers can gain valuable knowledge from Danish farmers and companies related to the poultry industry.

This export delegation to Romania is an opportunity to meet and hear directly from top Romanian companies in the poultry industry about:

  • New business opportunities
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Operational costs at the farm
  • Higher standards for animal health
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduction of emissions and water conservation

The goal of this visit is to get a first-hand experience of how poultry farming is conducted in Romania and to be able to pinpoint the challenges your company can help overcome. You get market insight directly from top key players in the industry as well as a great chance to eventually gain new customers. 

The format will be defined through visits at the farms and B2B meetings with the stakeholders in poultry farming. Most of the production facilities have their own processing facilities as well, making it easier to see both perspectives at once.

This can be an opportunity if your company works within production, services and solutions for:

  • Feeding
  • Additives
  • Housing Technology
  • Incubators
  • Hatching of day-old chicks
  • Breeding
  • Slaughterhouse equipment
  • Environmental solutions
  • Processing
  • Design, Management & AgTech
  • Biogas

Tentative Schedule: 10-13 October 2022

10 October 
Late afternoon: arrival in Romania 

  • Briefing on the upcoming program
  • Romanian poultry market perspective from a Danish poultry breeding company present in Romania
  • Welcome dinner, own expense'

11 October
Morning: company visit at a chicken producer nearby Bucharest
Noon/ afternoon: joint export promotion event at a conference hall in a hotel in Bucharest

  • Lunch with the participants
  • Overview of the Romanian Poultry market from the Romanian Poultry Producers Association
  • Discussion on sustainability and latest perspectives of the market
  • Danish companies’ presentations, including Q&A
  • B2B meetings between the Danish and the Romanian poultry companies

Evening: Dinner with the participants at the conference hotel’s restaurant 

12 October

  • Visit to Focsani County – visit to one of the largest poultry farms and processing facilities
  • Visit to Buzau County – visit to poultry farm and processing facilities
  • Arrival back in Bucharest

13 October
Leaving Romania

The price for participation is DKK 6.150 excl. flights, hotels, and VAT per company for up to 1 participant after deduction of 50% subsidy from Trade Council and 7 companies participating.
Price for one extra participant is DKK 850.

NOTE: On the registration form you can if relevant add the contact information of the local participating person/company. Invoice will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address.
We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own expense including visa, flights, dine & drink and hotel.

Please follow this link to register at the latest 24 August 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizers:

Danish Agriculture & Food Council
Michael Stahlschmidt, Market Manager
Mobile: +45 2124 1711

Danish Embassy in Bucharest
Razvan Stroe, Head of the Commercial Department
Mobile: +40 (726) 244 264
Direct: +40 (21) 3000 812

Simona Honcu-Voroneanu, Economic Assistant
Mobile: +40 (745) 770 399
Direct: +40 (21) 3000 805


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Michael Stahlschmidt