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FOOD INGREDIENTS ASIA 2022, Bangkok, 5–7 October 2022

For the first time at FOOD INGREDIENTS ASIA, a Danish National Pavilion will be established, and we are happy to invite you to participate.

We are happy to invite you to a short TEAMS webinar on 20 April at 09:00 – 09:30 about the potential in the Thai market for Danish food ingredients. 

Here you can get information and ask questions about how your potential participation at the Danish national pavilion at FiAsia 2022 with b2b meetings via the Danish embassy can get you access to new contacts and connect with existing ones. What is included in the participation package and how can you benefit the most from your participation.

The TEAMS meeting is organized by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Embassy in Bangkok.

NB!  If you wish to join the webinar, please send an email to Michael Stahlschmidt,, by 18 April and you will receive a TEAMS meeting invitation on 19 April from us.

The deadline for joining the stand has been moved to 22 April so you can get information and ask questions before deciding to join.


The Danish Embassy in Bangkok will attract companies, organize B2B meetings in dialogue with you and arrange a joint info point.

FI Asia is the number one meeting place for Southeast Asia’s food industry, gathering leading domestic and international ingredient suppliers, distributors, and food and beverage manufacturers from across the ASEAN region and all over the world.

Join thousands of exhibitors over three days to showcase your ingredient solutions, learn about the latest innovations and trends, and connect with new and existing business partners under one roof. By participating at the Danish national pavilion, you benefit not only from better visibility but also from Denmark’s positive image as leading in high standards of food safety, quality and sustainability. 

All practical details will be organized from Denmark by DAFC. 

Thailand has – like the larger economies in the region: Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines – a strong and growing food sector. Thus, Thailand is one of the world’s leading food and agricultural suppliers. Currently ranked no. 13 among food exporters with a target to get in top 10 by 2027. Due to its rich natural resources, vast low-cost workforce and well-developed food-processing sector, Thailand is exporting both raw food and value-added products to international markets like China, Japan, Europe and the United States. The value of Thai food export was in 2020 around 216 billion DKK. The food production and export has shown strong resilience during the pandemic. As a result, the food and agriculture sector is on top of the agenda for the Thai Government employing almost 40% of the workforce and occupying 50% of the total land area.

In order to achieve the overall goals for the industry there are high demands for further actions on competitiveness, resource efficiency and sustainability. If one adds, growing consumer demands for advanced ready-to-eat, more natural and healthier products there are many business opportunities for the Danish ingredients industry to increase its market share in Thailand. A new market research – based on interviews with companies - on the demand for advanced ingredients for sustainable food and feed production, list a number of concrete demands and potential projects. 

Thailand with a population of 69 million people has more than 10.000 food-processing factories and is a major importer of advanced food ingredients. Advanced high value ingredients as well as ingredients dependent on high tech processes are generally not available locally. 
Thailand imported food ingredients for around 3 billion DKK in 2020. This accounted for a 50 percent share of F&B imports mainly for industry. Whey is a major category followed by enzymes, sweeteners and protein concentrate. The top 5 sources of imports by trade value are Singapore (37%), USA (11%), Indonesia (8%), China (7%) and Denmark 3,7%. 

On top of that, Thailand has a well-developed animal feed sector that supports the huge poultry sector producing around 1,7 billion broilers per year, the production of around 20 million pigs per year etc. The import of feed ingredients amounts 4 billion DKK. Feed companies are in particular looking for natural-based additives to reduce the use of antibiotics and new amino acids that can enhance nutrition utilization in order to reduce the overall cost. Finally note, that Thailand is the World’s 4th largest pet food exporter, a market expected to grow 5-10% annually.


  • 24,000 visitors,77% local/ 23% international
  • 576 exhibitors, 80% international/ 20% local
  • 9 international pavilions

Booth at the joint Danish Pavilion

  • Central location, visibility, synergy
  • Open and inviting design
  • Turnkey stand 
  • DAFC will handle all practical aspects of planning, design and construction of your stand
  • Complete with meeting table and chairs etc.
  • Everything pre-arranged, arrive last-minute
  • Small joint stock room
  • Coordination of services provided by the exhibition organizers.
  • On location distribution of your customs cleared good’s (transportation and customs clearance is not included).
  • Planned B2B meetings at FI ASIA. Arranging a joint Info Point drawing attention and welcoming potential customers at the Danish National Pavilion. Promoting ingredients solutions and innovations for resource efficient and sustainable food production using digital pushes on relevant SoMe platforms before and during the event.


  • 9 sqm., DKK 23,475 (excl. VAT)
    (based on already granted co-financing from the Trade Council and 7 participating companies/72 sqm)

We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria’s change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own expense including visa, flights, dine & drink and hotel.

Danish companies in the food ingredients industry aiming at the Thai market for:

  • Beverages
  • Bakery
  • Food Supplements
  • Health Food
  • Dairy
  • Functional Food
  • Sauces & Seasoning
  • Snacks
  • Frozen Food
  • Functional Beverages
  • Confectionary
  • Meat & Meat Products
  • Desserts/ Ice Cream
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Personal Care/ Cosmetics
  • Fruit & Vegetable
  • Proteins
  • Ready Meals
  • Pet Food/ Animal Nutrition
  • Seafood

Please follow this link to register at the latest on 22 April 2022.

In April we will invite you for a short webinar with The Danish Embassy presenting the current potentials in Thai / ASEAN market for food (and feed) ingredients, including highlights from the latest market research in Thailand about the demand for advanced ingredients for sustainable food and feed production. Practical information and Q&A.

NB! Please contact in case you have interest in participating in this webinar.


We will be happy to assist you with further co-ordination of e.g. interpreters, B2B-meetings with potential partners or customers outside the exhibition, contacts to printers of brochures etc.

Please contact the organizers for any questions you may have

Danish Agriculture & Food Council
Michael Stahlschmidt, +45 21241711

Royal Danish Embassy Bangkok
Lene Mølsted Jensen, +66 95 761 6624

Michael Stahlschmidt