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Meet visiting business delegation from Chile-Peru in DK with focus on sustainable pig production

The delegation programme offers direct meetings in Denmark with some of the largest Chilean and Peruvian pig producers, as well as in-depth information and knowledge sharing about their current demands and investment plans. This will provide unique opportunities for Danish companies with relevant solutions along the pig value chain.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and the Royal Danish Embassy in Santiago invite your company to join this business delegation focused on the Chilean/Peruvian pig industry, to follow up on our virtual delegation with similar focus held last year. With this business activity, you will have the opportunity to meet personally with decision makers from main pig producing companies in both Chile and Peru when they visit Denmark on a study tour centred around this year’s Agromek fair. 

Sustainability related sub-topics such as, bio-security, automation and genetics, in the primary production and food safety and optimization in processing will be central parts of the agenda, and selling points for you as a Danish solution provider. 

You get to:

  • Meet a targeted and relevant audience of key Chilean/Peruvian pig producers, operating within both primary production and processing, and learn about their demands and key challenges 
  • Hold direct B2B meetings and present your own products and solutions to high level representatives of the Chilean/Peruvian companies
  • Explore broader sales and investment opportunities in Chile/Peru and gain marketing and sales visibility the Chilean/Peruvian trade associations (ChileCarne and ASOPORCI) also participating
  • Obtain exposure through the PigSolutionsDK-platform targeted at the Chilean/Peruvian producers and LATAM stakeholders in general.

This business delegation is relevant for companies which supply products and solutions that can help to handle issues such as food safety, biosecurity (e.g. diseases such as ASF and CSF), automation along the pig meat value chain, such as companies within:

  • Farming technology
  • Processing technology
  • Feed
  • Genetics
  • Hygiene
  • Management, etc.

Companies which are either looking into new business development opportunities or are already present or want to expand in Chile and/or Peru within the pig segment will benefit from participating in the delegation.

If you are interested in positioning your company among the main pig producers and exporters in Chile/Peru, this is a relevant business delegation for you.

The Chile pig meat industry (190.000 sows) is highly concentrated around four fully vertically integrated companies producing and commercialising approx. 90% of the pig meat produced, of which 75% is exported to mainly to China, South Korea and Japan. The DAFC and TC Santiago intend to bring executives (e.g. within production, processing, and sustainability) from these companies to Denmark to inspire them to increase their acquisition and use of Danish expertise, solutions and technology. Automation and farm solutions, manure and odour management, biosecurity, animal welfare and (resource) efficiency are some areas of interest for the Chilean pig meat producers.

The Peru pig meat industry is more atomised than the Chilean industry is; the intensive and semi-intensive pig production accounts for approx. 95.000 sows; and the slaughter and further processing of the pig meat need an upgrade, as many producers are dependent on publicly available service slaughterhouses. The DAFC and TC Santiago intend to invite major pig meat producers to Denmark to gain experiences and insights on the optimisation and green transition of the entire value chain of pig meat production, some with plans for new production units, and others with plans for building own slaughterhouses. 

Meeting decision makers from both Chilean and Peruvian meat pig producers will provide a great potential for Danish companies within many parts of the pig value chain.

As organisers of this business delegation, the DAFC and the Royal Danish Embassy in Santiago will make use of the PigSolutionsDK-platform to present and showcase your company. Please contact as soon as possible after signing up, in case you are not registered, or you need to edit your own company page. The platform will be shared with the Chilean/Peruvian delegation prior to the arrival of the delegation and ensure your exposure to the potential customers.

Tentative programme (all elements to be finally confirmed):

Tuesday 29 November 2022:

  • Introduction meeting (briefing) and presentation/pitches by Danish and Chilean/Peruvian companies at Agromek (Danish companies to jointly cover meeting snacks and beverages) 
  • Dinner at restaurant for Danish and Chilean/Peruvian companies 

Wednesday 30 November 2022: 

  • Chilean/Peruvian delegation visit to Agromek exhibition – possibility for Danish companies to organise informal visits to their stands
  • Informal lunch break in MCH (Danish companies to jointly cover costs)
  • B2Bs between Danish and Chilean/Peruvian companies (30 min meetings with presentations of DK companies incl. coffee breaks) (Danish companies to jointly cover meeting snacks and beverages)
  • Agromek gala dinner – opportunity for Danish companies with own dinner tickets to join Chilean/Peruvian companies

Thursday 1 December 2022: 

  • Chilean/Peruvian delegation visit to SEGES Innovation in Skejby to hear about Danish competences within primary pig production – possibility for Danish companies to join by means of own transportation
  • Informal lunch (Danish companies to jointly cover costs)
  • Site visit at pig farm and biogas plant - possibility for Danish companies to join by means of own transportation
  • Network reception and debriefing/farewell with Danish and Chilean/Peruvian companies at Agromek

The targeted local producers for B2B meetings are currently:


  • Agrosuper S.A. is Chile’s main pig meat (and poultry) producer with approx. 120.000 sows and two pig meat slaughterhouses. Production units with 10-15 barns and varying level of technology with potential for upgrades and automation of ventilation, feeding, manure handling, etc. Reduction of water consumption in both primary production and processing are important issues.
  • Coexca S.A. is Chile’s second largest pig meat producer with Danish IFU as a 26,5% shareholder and produces approx. 10.000 sows for its own slaughterhouse. Coexca also imports pig meat from abroad for further processing for the local market. Coexca is exploring solutions for reduction of odour emission from their pig production units.
  • MaxAgro S.A. is the third largest pig meat producer. MaxAgro produces approx. 10.000 sows and slaughters pigs from third parties at their slaughterhouse in Pichidegua. Has a strong focus on animal welfare certification and a clear set goals for water reduction throughout the value chain.
  • AASA S.A. is the fourth largest pig meat producer with approx. 8-10.000 sows and also has its own pig meat slaughterhouse (COMAFRI), besides a cattle slaughterhouse (CAMER). AASA has been engaging in initiatives to increase the sustainability of the production such as implementing a local biogas plant to generate energy to farms and feed mills.


  • Redondos S.A. is the leading pig meat producers in Peru with approx. 20.000 sows and with ambitious growth plans for the future. To accommodate the projected increase of the heard, construction of its own slaughterhouse is also planned for the near future, and Redondos is looking for expertise within design and operations of its planned slaughterhouse near Lima.
  • Rico Pollo S.A.C. Although the name refers to chicken (pollo) production, Rico Pollo is also the second largest pig meat producer in Peru (17.000 sows), located in the southern part of Peru in/near Arequipa.
  • San Fernando S.A. is primarily a chicken meat producer (4th largest in LATAM), but it has ambitions of increasing its pig production over the coming year. San Fernando benefits from its own slaughterhouse and further processing-plant already, and would mainly be looking into solutions for the establishment of new automated production units.
  • Grupo ISAMISA is a group of smaller chicken and pig (2.000 sows) meat producers which is also looking into building its own slaughterhouse to integrate the entire process from farm to fork. At the same time, automation (feeding, cleaning, manure handling, etc.) is also of interest and to be considered when updating its current infrastructure.

Participation in the delegation programme is DKK 10.500 (excluding VAT) for one Danish company representative. This includes a 75% subsidy by The Trade Council, as this event is subject to the support schemes of the council. An extra company representative will cost DKK 2.000 excl. VAT.

Note: The price is based on 7 participating companies (of which 3 are SME’s), an expected 50% subsidy from the Trade Council of Denmark and fulfilment of the associated de minimis rules. Invoice will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address. We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own cost, including own transportation, fees for participation at Agromek, additional dine & drink, and VAT (please note that certain lunches and meeting costs mentioned in the programme must be covered jointly by the Danish participants outside this budget). 

Re. Covid-19: If the situation requires, we might be forced to cancel the delegation. Until 29 October 2022, you will receive a full refund if we are forced to cancel the programme. After this date, we cannot guarantee refunds.

The deadline for registration is Tuesday 23 September 2022, using this link and filling in all fields required.

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Peter Michael Heller of the DAFC (, tel. no. +45 2180 0731) or Mr. Bjarne Nielsen of the Royal Danish Embassy/TC Santiago (, tel. no. +56 9 8660 2792).


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Peter Michael Heller