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Join the business delegation and meet Peruvian pig/pig meat producers 2-6 October 2023

The delegation programme offers a unique opportunity for companies along the pig value chain to tap into the vast business possibilities of the Peruvian market – a first-of-its-kind business delegation to Peru.

The Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) and The Trade Council at Royal Danish Embassy in Chile invite your company to join a physical business delegation focused on the Peruvian pig industry – targeting both primary production and processing. You can expect to meet leading Peruvian pig/pig meat producers through a 5-days programme in Peru on 2-6 October 2023. The Trade Council in Denmark is supporting the event financially.

This business delegation puts spotlight on the pig production value-chain and the Peruvian market-leading companies, who all are characterised by having activities both within primary production and processing activities. Participation is relevant for Danish companies operating within one of the following areas: breeding and genetics, agri-industrial equipment and solutions, feed stuff and feed mills, stable and housing equipment, ventilation, food processing technology (both slaughter and secondary processing), solutions related to bio-security, cooling/cold chain, storage, quality control, ingredients and advisory services.

The delegation will particularly be relevant for companies with products, solutions and technology to increase efficiency and automation and to reduce resource consumption (primary resources/feed). Automation and simplification of the slaughter process, as well as upcycling of waste products and side-streams at slaughterhouses, would also be of interest. Handling and re-use of manure also important.

Participation will allow you to explore the possibilities on a new market with vast growth opportunities and reap the benefit of the work done by the DAFC & The Trade Council to position Denmark as a reference point for sustainable and efficient pig production in Peru.

The Peruvian pig meat industry is in general somewhat similar to the Danish industry, when it comes to size of the farms. Characterised by a couple of +15.000 sows producers, the following 20 producers have a stock of 7.000-1.000 sows. In general, the intensive and semi-intensive pig production accounts for approx. 95.000 sows, and the slaughter and further value adding processes of the pig meat is in need for an upgrade, as many producers are dependent on publicly available service slaughterhouses.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, the Peruvian pig meat production experienced a slight decrease, but is recovering well and provisional production figures for 2021 (234.800 tonnes) and 2022 (241.800 tonnes) have more than surpassed 2019 production figures (231.000 tonnes) again and keeps on growing. The same tendency goes for stock of pigs (approx. 3.35 mill. units in 2021) as well as animal feed production.

TC Santiago has been informed of growth plans by local producers both on primary level (new farms, upgrade of farm) and on processing level (green field projects for slaughterhouses). In general, local producers are looking for solutions to increase efficiency and productivity, heighten biosecurity standards and improve food and feed quality. Almost all of the Peruvian pig producing companies are spin-offs from the Peruvian poultry industry and most of them operate as vertical integrators. 

Lately, the southern parts of Peru near Arequipa have been declared free of Classical Swine Fewer (CSF) and the producers, the industry association (ASOPORCI) and National Veterinary Service (SENASA) are working towards market openings based on departmentalised exports.

The DAFC and TC Santiago plan for a number of meetings with pig meat producing companies in and around Lima, as well as a general event with ASOPORCI and public stakeholders such as SENASA and others.

Participants are expected to be meet with some of the following Peruvian companies (to be finally confirmed): San Fernando, Redondos, Corporación Rico/Rico Pollo, Avícola Yugoslavia, Granja Huertos San Martín de Porres, Granja Los Huarangos, ISAMISA, Santo Martín, Protein Group, Fábrica de embutidos Walter Braedt S.A., Sociedad Suizo Peruana de Embutidos, and Laive S.A. 

You can expect a business “road trip” around Peru (with point of departure in Lima) to meet main pig producers – some vertical integrators, others only dedicated to primary pig production – and also pig meat processers (sausage and other prepared meat products). The programme will include B2B meetings with the pig producers and processers at their HQs or slaughterhouses or through B2B events organised at the hotel where the delegation is staying.

Draft programme (to be finally confirmed later):

Day 0 (Sunday 1 October 2023): Arrival in Lima

Day 1 (Monday 2 October 2023): Introductory event/seminar
Welcome and introduction 
Update on current situation of Peruvian pig production with participation from ASOPORCI (Peruvian Pig Producers’ Trade Association)
B2B with Company 1

Day 2 (Tuesday 3 October 2023): Company visits/dinner
B2B with Company 2
B2B with Company 3

Day 3 (Wednesday 4 October 2023): Company visits
B2B with San Fernando (pig + pig meat)
B2B with Company 5

Day 4 (Thursday 5 October 2023): Company visits/reception
B2B with Company 6
B2B with Company 7
Reception and networking event, including possibility of inviting guests

Day 5 (Friday 6 October 2023): Company visits/departure from Lima
Optional extra B2B with Company 8
Departure from Lima (alternatively, departure Saturday)

As organisers of this business delegation, the DAFC and the Royal Danish Embassy in Santiago will make use of the PigSolutionsDK-platform to present and showcase your company. As soon as possible after signing up, please contact Mr. Santiago Latapí Gil ( to get access to the platform in case you are not registered already. If you need to edit your own company page, Mr. Gil can help you regain access to an existing company page. The platform will be shared with the Peruvian delegation prior to the arrival of the delegation and ensure your exposure to the potential customers. (In case translation to Spanish is needed, The Trade Council in Chile can offer this service on a payment basis.)

DKK 17,000 excl. VAT per company representative for one representative, which includes a subsidy by The Trade Council, as this event is subject to the support schemes of the council. The price is based on 7 participating companies, an expected 50% subsidy from the Trade Council of Denmark and fulfilment of the associated de minimis rules. An extra representative will cost DKK 5,000 excl. VAT.

NOTE: The Danish company is free to have its local representatives represent your company in full during the event. On the registration form you can, if relevant, therefore add the contact information of the local participating person/company. However, only Danish companies in Denmark with a Danish CVR number can register for participation, and the invoice will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address.

We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own expense including visa, flights, dine & drink and hotel.

NOTE: The price is based on 7 participating companies, who are all eligible for subsidy, and 50 percent subsidy (already granted) from the Trade Council of Denmark. If your company is not eligible for subsidy due to de-minimis issues (having received more than 1,5 mio. DKK in de-minimis subsidy within the past 3 years, including the present) you are binding yourself to pay the full price, meaning without the subsidy. The same conditions apply if you do not wish to receive subsidy.

As the business delegation takes place in a side-accredited country to Chile and involves additional transportation/accommodation costs for TC Santiago, part of the final price above covers these separate costs.

Please register via this link in accordance with DAFC’s terms of participation, by filling in all fields required, by 7 September 2023 at the latest. No later than 7 September 2023 send relevant company information and presentation to Mr. Santiago Latapí Gil at (TC-colleague in Mexico, operating PigSolutionsDK). If you already have a profile on PigSolutionsDK from previous participation, you are more than welcome to update it yourself.

Danish Agriculture & Food Council (DAFC) 
Mr. Peter Michael Heller,, tel. no. +45 2180 0731

TC Santiago at the Royal Danish Embassy in Chile
Mr. Sacha Dalibor Garafulic,, tel. no. +56 9 6549 7221

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Peter Michael Heller