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Pig farming, export delegation to Spain, 5-8 June 2023

Take part in the joint export promotion for Danish pig production technologies, which will provide your company with the opportunity to meet some of the leading players and companies in Spain

The delegation will be an opportunity to gain an understanding of local needs and your company’s export potential to the largest pig farming industry in Europe and fourth in the world: meet the big players and pitch your solutions. The delegation will be arranged by The Trade Council in Spain in collaboration with the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. The delegation will be supported financially by the Danish Trade Council.

Spain is the first pig producer in Europe and 4th in the world. There are close to 90,000 farms, out of which 80% are intensive. With an average size of 700 pigs/farm, the sector is highly modernized but also faces numerous challenges such us slurry management, ammonia emissions, water scarcity, animal welfare, robotization due to lack of labour force, antibiotic reduction or zero-zinc, among others.

Next Generation EU program allocates funds to transform the economy and farms with a focus on sustainability, energy savings & self-consumption, circular economy and digitization. The Spanish Government has distributed €3.55 billion to boost the sustainability and competitiveness in Agriculture and Livestock, with special emphasis in 4 large areas: systems for the management of by-products and waste in livestock farming, comprehensive transformation and modernization of greenhouses, investments in energy efficiency and renewable energies (biogas and agricultural biomass) and precision agriculture & 4.0 technologies in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

The participating companies will get the opportunity to meet the some of the most relevant experts in the pig sector in Spain and to visit pig farms to get a first-hand impression of how cooperatives and farms are operated across the sector in Spain. It will also be an opportunity to assess the market potential for each of the companies. Additionally, delegates will have the chance to ask questions and the opportunity to pitch their own technological solutions. Ahead of the visit, the pig farmers will receive company product descriptions to ensure that they are equipped for a dialogue about the companies’ technologies and the applicability of the technologies in the local context.

Companies within production, services, and solutions for:

  • Genetics
  • Feed
  • Equipment for feed handling 
  • Stable equipment 
  • Ventilation 
  • Agro intelligence 
  • Water solutions
  • Manure handling and storage

This program will be focused in two regions, Castile & Leon (4.5M pigs, 8,545 farms) and Aragón (5.2M pigs, 4,693 farms) with a high number of intensive farms. In the case of Castile & Leon, their regional government is particularly interested in improving their pig livestock sector, thus willing to become the first producing region in Spain.

Monday 5 June – Arrival in Madrid

  • Afternoon: Arrival in Madrid and check-in to hotel
  • Evening: Dinner-reception at the Ambassador's Residence. Guests: Miguel Ángel Higuera (President ANGROPAGOR – National association of Pig Producers), INTERPORC (Interprofessional Agrifood Organization of White Pig), ANAPORC (National Association of Scientific Pig Farming), VETEINDUSTRIA (Association of Animal Health and Nutrition Industries), General Subdirectorate of Livestock and Hunting Productions of the National Government of Spain. The companies will have the opportunity to do a short introduction of their solutions, followed by a cocktail dinner and networking. These associations are the most representative ones in Spain. Associations in Spain are very active and not only represent the interests of their associates but also help them improve their competitiveness and compliance.

Tuesday 6 June – Trip to Zaragoza (Aragón)

  • Morning: Presentation at I+Porc (Spanish Cluster of Pig farmers) to farmers/cooperatives/integrators in the Aragon region and B2B meetings. i+Porc's objective is to improve the competitiveness of Spanish companies dedicated to the production of pigs. It is a non-profit organization that promotes collaborative research and innovation among member companies and other agents and institutions to anticipate market demands.
  • Early light lunch.
  • Afternoon: Visit to 1 or 2 integrators/farms/cooperatives 
  • Evening: back to Madrid

Wednesday 7 June – Trip to Valladolid and Segovia (Castile and Leon)

  • Morning: Presentation at ITACYL (Institute of Agriculture Technology of Castile & Leon) to pig sector stakeholders in the Castile y León region and B2B meetings. The objectives of the Technological Institute are to promote the activity of the agricultural sector and its transformation industries. The Pig Testing Center of ITACyL works for and on behalf of the companies, improving and modifying the handling of livestock, the processing of raw materials, evaluating alternative protein sources to soybean, studying different antibiotic substitute additives and trying to improve the welfare of the pigs and the quality of the final products. 
  • Early light lunch
  • Afternoon: visit to INNOPORC. Based in Segovia, Innoporc has around twenty pig production centers, a compound feed factory, which also supplies external customers, and a startup created with the aim of developing two types of projects: on the one hand, the valorization of by-products generated in their production centers, energy efficiency, reduction of the water footprint and everything related to projects linked to sustainability and improvement of the environment. On the other hand, projects related to technological innovation, prototype developments and digital transformation focused on the efficiency of work processes.
  • Evening: back to Madrid

Thursday 8 June: Trip back to Denmark

The total price for participation in the delegation for companies is 12,100 DKK - excl. flight, hotel, dinners, and VAT – for one participant after deduction of 50% subsidy. An extra representative from the same company will be 1,800 DKK per person (max 2 extra).

Please follow this link to register at the latest on 15 March 2023.

Please feel free to contact the organizers:

Danish Agriculture & Food Council 
Michael Stahlschmidt
Mobile: +45 2124 1711 

Royal Embassy of Denmark, Madrid 
Almudena Vazquez Mansilla
Mobile +34 662 183 435

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Michael Stahlschmidt