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ROMANIA, POULTRY, Export delegation to Romania, 12-16 June, DEADLINE 24 APRIL

Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish embassy in Bucharest hereby invite you to our delegation to Romania on 12-16 June with seminar and B2B meetings.

Join our export delegation to Romania with farm visits and B2B meetings!

Romania is one of the largest producers of poultry meat in the EU with the latest numbers indicating at 491 thousand tones, an annual breeding number of over 300 million heads and 1.6 billion eggs per year. The market has been expanding rapidly, driven by an increasing demand for poultry products both locally and internationally. 

The links between the Romanian and Danish poultry sectors are well-established, with several Danish companies already operating in Romania and collaborating with local producers.

The program will take place at the Novotel Hotel in the centre of Bucharest. The hotel will accommodate the planned seminars on Danish solutions and experiences within the poultry industry. You will present your solution in front of key poultry producers and processors, agriculture consultants, equipment distributors, agricultural and RRF funds consultants, agricultural science experts and stakeholders from the public authorities. After the seminar, you will have the opportunity to take part in B2B meetings with custom-made groups interested in your solution.

During the delegation, you will visit poultry farms and processing facilities around Bucharest, an opportunity to gain an understanding of local needs and your company’s export potential to Romania. Representatives from the Romanian poultry farms will share their insights into the market and their farm, as well as the challenges they are facing. This will be a great opportunity for the Danish companies to contribute with their know-how and technological solutions.

Participating in this delegation offers Danish companies many opportunities to enter the Romanian poultry market. 

Poultry meat accounts for 38% of the total meat demands, second after pork meat, with 48%. Nevertheless, the “gap” is getting smaller every year, mainly due to impact caused by the African Swine Fewer since 2018.
Poultry consumption has increased in Romania in the past few years at a higher level than in the EU, reaching 28 kg per capita, with the chicken business covering 97-98% of the industry. There are over 540,000 tons of poultry consumed on a yearly basis. 

These increasing numbers also require the industry stakeholders to adapt promptly with new knowledge and technology, especially since over 85% of the production is done in commercial farms. The majority of poultry producers in Romania have fully integrated businesses - from animal breeding to their own slaughtering and packaging facilities, turning them into a one stop shop for business partners and solution providers.
Moreover, in order to align with the European Commission’s CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) goals, Romanian farmers can gain valuable knowledge from Danish farmers and companies related to the poultry industry.

Additionally, the Romanian government is committed to developing and supporting the growth of the local poultry sector, which can provide opportunities for Danish companies to establish strong partnerships with local producers.

Companies within production, services and solutions for:

  • Feeding & Grain
  • Slurry
  • Additives
  • Housing Technology
  • Breeding
  • Incubators
  • Hatching of day-old chicks
  • Slaughterhouse equipment
  • Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Control/Hygiene
  • System Design, Management & AgTech
  • Environmental solutions
  • Biogas
  • Cooling
  • Energy Efficiency

The total price for participation in the delegation to Romania for companies is DKK 10,500 after deduction of 50% subsidy from Danish Trade Council (and based on 8 participating companies) - excl. flight, hotel, dinners, and VAT – for one participant. An extra representative from the same company will be DKK 1,500 per person (max. two).

NOTE: Only Danish companies in Denmark with a Danish CVR number can register for participation, and the invoicing will always be issued in DKK to the Danish company address. However, the Danish company is free to have its local representatives represent your company in full during the event. On the registration form you can, if relevant, therefore add the contact information of the local participating person/company. 

We reserve the right to offer you participation at a different price should any of the above criteria’s change. Should this result in a higher price than quoted, you have the right to cancel your participation. Other expenses not mentioned above are at own expense including visa, flights, dine & drink and hotel.

NOTE: The price is based on 7 participating companies, who are all eligible for subsidy, and 50 percent subsidy (already granted) from the Trade Council of Denmark. 
If your company is not eligible for subsidy due to de-minimis issues (having received more than 1,5 mio. DKK in de-minimis subsidy within the past 3 years, including the present) you are binding yourself to pay the full price, meaning without the subsidy. The same conditions apply if you do not wish to receive subsidy.

Flights and hotel are not included in the price. Upon registration, you will receive a travel suggestion.

Please register here, no later than Monday 24 April 2023.
Registration is made in accordance with DAFC’s terms of participation.


Danish Agriculture & Food Council 
Michael Stahlschmidt,, mobile: +45 2124 1711 

Royal Danish Embassy, Romania
Razvan Stroe,, direct: +40213000812, Mobile: +40 (72) 3501 743
Simona Honcu-Voroneanu,, Direct: +40213000805, Mobile: +40 (74) 5770 399

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Michael Stahlschmidt